William T. Hornaday Silver Medal (2016)

Scouting's highest honor in conservation, and the rarest award in scouting. Less than 135 have been awarded in the past hundred years. It required four large-scale conservation projects, each like a larger Eagle project, and additionally requires scientific research, education, and promotion to the community. I put in over 400 personal service hours and had 900 direct participants, who worked over 1700 total hours. I coordinated the involvement of nine different scout or student groups and seven different community service organizations, and planned twelve different community conservation and educational events. Projects ranged from community workdays to nationwide initiatives; all initiatives are ongoing, and 2017 is my fourth year working on these projects. Click here for more information.

Pictured: Jonathan Marchal, Conservation Advisor and Mentor

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist (2017)

Approximately 1.5 million high school students take the PSAT each year.  Of those, 50,000 (3.3%) are Commended Scholars, and 16,000 (1.1%) are chosen as National Merit Scholar Semifinalists.  There is a nationwide cutoff for Commended Scholars, but Semifinalists are chosen according to state-by-state cutoffs.  According to the National Merit website, these state cutoffs “ensure that academically talented young people from all parts of the United States are included in this talent pool.”

Congressional Award Gold Medal (2017)

The Congressional Award, Congress's only charity, is open to all Americans from ages 14 to 23. For this award, I completed over 400 hours of voluntary service, over 200 hours of personal development, over 200 hours working on a physical fitness goal, and planned, completed, and wrote about my experiences at the Philmont Scout Ranch.

Pictured, from left to right: Mr. Paxton Baker, Rep. Patrick McHenry, Sen. Richard Burr, and Sen. Thom Tillis.

Christ School Form Prize: 9th, 10th, and 11th Grades (2015, 2016, 2017)

The Form Prize is awarded to the student that earned the highest GPA in their grade that year.

Hornaday Silver Medal Scholarship (2017)

This scholarship is a partnership between the Campfire Club of America and the Boy Scouts of America. I was selected from last year's Hornaday Silver Medal Award winners for outstanding and exemplary Hornaday work in wildlife and habitat conservation.

Pictured: National Conservation and Environment Task Force Committe members Brian Gray, BSA Outdoor Program Coordinator; Tim Beaty, USDA Forest Service, Retired; Clark D. Guy, National Park Service; Mike Huneke, USDA Forest Service; and John F. Stewart, Boy Scouts of America, Director of Sustainability.

David T. Dodge Scholarship (2017, not pictured)

Awarded for academic prowess in the areas of Math, the Sciences, and Physics in particular, indicating career potential in the field of engineering.

Harvard Book Club Award (2017)

Presented by the Harvard Club to an outstanding student for exceptional personal and intellectual prowess.

Physics Prize (2016)

Edward E. Ford Foundation for Excellence in Writing (2017)

Roosevelt-Ashe Outstanding Youth in Conservation Award (2016, not pictured)

Christ School Servant Leadership Award (2016)

AP Scholar with Distinction (2016) and AP Scholar (2015)

Christ School Headmaster's Scholarship (five years, 2013-2018)

Eagle Scout Rank (2013)

Silver Eagle Palms (five, 2013-2017)

National Honor Society (2017)

President's Volunteer Service Gold Awards (three, 2014, 2015, and 2016)

BSA National Outdoor Awards in Conservation, Aquatics, Camping, and Hiking (2012-2014)

Montreat College Creative Writing Scholarship (2016)

Prudential Spirit of the Community Award - Certificate of Excellence (2015)

Struan Literary Magazine Writing Contest - First Place (2016)

Brotherhood Member in The Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society (2013)