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Honor Council Chair

Recognized Work

Honor Council Chair

Elected 2017

I have served as a class representative on the Honor Council since my eighth grade year (my first year at Christ School). My responsibilities included voting at hearings, delivering educational presentations, and participating in student counseling. After four years of service, I was elected as Chair last spring; Honor Council Chair is our school's only elected student leadership position. My goals, laid out in detail below, include an expansion of Council-led honor education, the distribution of my new standardized class-specific honor policy form (it allows teachers to better provide guidelines on their rules for collaboration, citations, sources, and more), improvement of Council discourse during hearings, and the creation of an online library of resources that will keep students informed on how to avoid plagiarism.

I always found my seat on the Council important, as the decisions I made with my fellow members were vital to the school's culture. My position as Chair, however, has given me the platform to pursue new projects and initiatives, and I find it fun to try as many new things as possible and observe what actually works, educating and working with the members of the Council to keep our community honest, both in the classroom and out.


2017-2018 Convocation | Opening Address


August 20, 2017

The main themes of my speech were honesty, self-evaluation, and growth.

My Projects and Goals | (living document)


Recognized Work

poems, essays, and projects

For a full account of my awards, academic and otherwise, click here.

the book

This essay contributed to my scholarship from The Edward E. Ford Foundation for Excellence in Writing (2017). I was also asked to read it at a school event. (click below to read)


scratch work/breaks  

This mixed-media series also contributed to the scholarship from The Edward E. Ford Foundation for Excellence in Writing (2017).


For this poem, I received the 2016 Montreat College Creative Writing ScholarshipFirst Place in the Struan Literary Magazine Writing Contest, and also performed it for the school.

math modeling

I was one of a team of four for the 2016 COMAP Annual High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The challenge that year had to do with UPS shipping routes. I wrote many of the sections of the paper, calculated the losses and gains for each state, and teamed up with everyone else to search for existing shipping routes. We received an Honorable Mention for our work. (click here to read)